Break The Cycle of Poverty - End Generational Suffering!

Leave A Legacy of Wealth Behind For Your Children and Grandchildren

Are You Tired Of Having No Clue About The Value of Money Or How To Handle It?

You Weren't Taught The Tools Necessary To Build Financial Freedom: Don't Rob Your Children Of The Opportunity!

Are you happy and satisfied with where you are financially? If you aren't happy or satisfied, what are you going to start doing differently so you will be? Your child is depending on you to teach them how to handle one of the most essential tools in our lives. They are watching everything and if you're irresponsible with money and debt, it's likely they will pick up your bad habits. I'm sure you don't want that, and I know I never wanted that for my son.

Butler, Owens & Reid can arm you with financial literacy to allow your kids to be one step ahead of the game as they make their way into the world.  Your children can have the financial resources to live the life you want them to live without worrying about money.  You're one decision away from changing their entire life.

Talk About Money!

"We don't talk about money." How absurd! Not only should we be talking about money with our kids, but we should be helping them to build their financial decision making skills.

If money, budgeting, saving and talking about personal finance isn't your forte, it might be time to learn more about it. Not only will it benefit you and your financial life, but sharing these vital money principles will certainly help your kids.

Building Lasting Wealth is Complex

According to the “third-generation rule,” 70% of affluent families will have lost their wealth by the third generation. Sustaining substantial wealth takes financial savvy–something that not all rich parents are passing along to their heirs. Creating communication and bringing the necessary resources to the community are the keys to improving outcomes.

According to Jonathan Hodge, a Financial Advisor at UBS, the underlying focus of wealth

must shift from the accumulation of tangible assets to the abundance of resources that “true” wealth can provide:  

  • Wealth provides lower barriers to entry for families and business owners. Whether that is access to capital, education and/or healthcare; “true” wealth provides the means to these necessary tools
  • Wealth provides the ability to build and have access to a powerful network of families and businesses that helps drive more successful outcomes
  • Wealth is scalable, not only in the ability to grow over time as capital becomes available, but across generations as long as the proper tools are in place. This scalability helps build a lasting legacy.

Building wealth doesn't have to be extra hard if you take small steps that will make a huge-difference in the long-run.

Pay Off Debt, Improve Your Credit, Save More Money & Build Real Wealth With Our Program 

Butler, Owens & Reid Will Steer You In The Right Direction To Attain Financial Wellness and Help You Break Generational Poverty

Design The Life You Want By Focusing On Wealth Building Activities!

One thing I never had growing up was the mindset and vocabulary of wealth.

I grew up poor and financially illiterate. I inherited that from my parents. I hit rock bottom in my early twenties when I had to file bankruptcy. I had student loan debt and credit card debt that kept climbing higher no matter how much money I seemed to pay on it. I hadn’t even started thinking about long-term savings or retirement. Without any prior knowledge of finance and investing, I decided to start from scratch and read everything I could about personal finance. I hired a business coach, a financial advisor, a day trading mentor, and filled my network with people that were smarter than me.  By age 23, I bought my first property, started earning six figures, and used that as leverage to create a new financial future.

I'm passing down a breadth of experience, resources and education to mitigate the barriers to building Black wealth and ensuring that the community is well-positioned to create a lasting legacy! 

Break The Cycle of Poverty - End Generational Suffering! One of the most effective ways to break generational poverty is education along with providing a plethora of resources. By providing education, training, and financial support and a little human kindness, we can help you break the cycle of generational poverty. The real curse is believing we are powerless to break these familial patterns!

BUT.... how much of our personal dysfunction is compounded by our decisions, as opposed to shaped by our ancestry? If there is a curse, it’s the one we cast every time we deny our ability to change the trajectory of our lives.

How Can We Help

Because every life decision has financial impacts, we advise on everything your money touches, like major purchases, benefit selections, your investments, taxes and more--plus, we go even further to help you execute your plan.

Life milestones. Getting married. Divorce. Death. Elder Care Planning. Education Planner.

Investments and Taxes. Investment management. Market and tax law changes. Investment Checkup. 

Retirement Planning. Distribution Strategies. Generational Transfers. Healthcare Planning

You Will Learn Practical Actionable Steps For You & Your Heirs To:

  • Invest in the stock market. 
    Learn how to create wealth over the long-term and let your investments continue to grow for decades.
  • Invest in real estate. Learn how to build steady cash flow and leverage the equity in your properties.
  • Build a business to pass down. Learn how to successfully build a business and transition it to your heirs.
  • Teach your children about personal finance. Learn how to educate your children about personal finance to decrease the likelihood that the wealth will not dwindle throughout their lifetime. 
  • Create multiple streams of income. Learn about passive and active income building (Pssst...the average millionaire has seven streams of income)
  • Asset protection. Learn how to create an estate plan, write a will, set-up custodial accounts, name your beneficiaries, tax planning, bookeeping and more!

Build Something That Outlives You...

Leaving a great legacy is arguably the most powerful thing you can do in your career and life because it enables you to have influence well into the future – even after you are out of the picture yourself.

So then, how can you keep your legacy in mind as you go about your everyday decisions? Fortunately, we've done more than decades of research to help you make decisions that involve future generations. When it is clear that you are in a position to determine outcomes of the powerless and voiceless (your children), you'll consider the moral implications of your actions more seriously. The epitome of power is to leave a great legacy that lives on after you are gone. Ultimately, your legacy is all you’ve got

Build Your Legacy

Think about how you want to be remembered by other people and act on those thoughts!

Do you remember the character Ron Johnson from A Different World? In 1988, his dad (Travers Bell Jr.) died, leaving him a $15 million dollar inheritance. Just five years later in 1993, his family sued him for losing the ENTIRE inheritance. Travers, with only $175K in capital, developed Daniels & Bell Inc., a securities firm on Wall Street, which by the time of his untimely passing, had grown to a net worth of ~$15million. Travers was also a major shareholder in Freedom National Bank and Cocoline Chocolate Co. (the company that made chocolate chips for Nabisco). All of that hard work for nothing. Every dime lost to imprudence, not wrongdoing. It could have all been prevented!

The M.Y.L.E.S. Mentorship Program 


Minimize Your Loss Expand Success

A Three Month Exclusive Gateway to Financial Literacy - Imagine Changing The Financial Trajectory of Your Entire Family. It's Possible With M.Y.L.E.S. 

  1. 1
    Teach Your Child. Be able to expand your horizon about finance and money management and teach it to your child(ren).
  2. 2
    Capitalize on Great Credit!  Kick-start your journey to building generational wealth by developing a good credit score; Learn to use systems that the rich use to live a life of freedom by leveraging the banks money to build income
  3. 3
    Attain Financial Wellness: Budget, automate savings, build your savings, plan for major purchases, handle credit with care, save early  for retirement, keep great financial records, protect your identity, having S.M.A.R.T. financial goals, etc 

What People Are Saying About the Butler, Owens & Reid's M.Y.L.E.S. mentorship program

“She's competent and down-to-earth!”

"At first, I thought my “planning” was rather silly since I do not have children. Sherria was so helpful in helping me wrap my mind around how I could set up my own legacy to ensure that all of my loved ones, 2 legged or 4 legged, would be taken care of if something were to happen to me. I appreciate her candor, her super detailed oriented guidance, and how much she kept me on track. She has a true passion for this work and it shows throughout your interactions with her."

Kellee B.
- Asset Protection Client

“Highly recommend Butler, Owens & Reid..."

“Sherria and her network are amazing. They genuinely care for and look after their clients helping them to secure the best possible outcome for whatever their financial needs are. I highly recommend the M.Y.L.E.S. program to get all your affairs in order!"

Tonya S.
- Notary Client

M.Y.L.E.S. Mentorship Program

We care about what matters most to you – your family – and we consider it our job to ensure your family doesn’t collapse after the birth, disability or passing of a loved one. We want your family to be in the best financial position regardless of life's challenges!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Sherria Reid

Creator of M.Y.L.E.S.

About the Author

Sherria Reid's formal education is in Computer Scientist and Public Health. Mrs. Reid has spent the last two decades in Corporate America building lucrative technical partnerships. Simultaneously, she has moonlighted as an entrepreneur since 2012 where she operated as a bankruptcy petitioner, personal credit repair expert, tax preparer, extreme couponing educator, notary signing agent, and spearheaded all her own real estate transactions directly (sold and purchased). 

In addition to day trading (options, futures, equity), Mrs. Reid is an advocate for victims of Traumatic Brain Injury, serves as a CASA agent, is a member of The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, and is a private financial sponsor for single mothers seeking drug rehabilitation services. Sherria's wealth portfolio ranges from real estate investment properties, a substantial equity portfolio, and share holder equity in a couple of small businesses.

Sherria comes from very humble beginnings yet has avoided becoming a victim of her circumstances. Sherria's motto in life is, "I do well by doing right." Sherria wants to share everything she's learned about money in an effort to change the face of wealth. Sherria's expertise is based on her real-life experiences of escaping the rat race while still young enough (mentally and physically) to enjoy this thing called life. Sherria gets so much joy out of sharing her strategies to help you build wealth AND protect it!

Transparency Above All Else

We are dedicated and even obsessed, with helping our clients realize their life and wealth goals. No gimmicks. Just sound advice with your best interest at heart. We want to be perfectly clear — when you partner with Butler, Owens & Reid, you gain the strength of our entire network and organization. When you work as a team, you win as a team. Unlimited resources at your disposal all invested in making sure your family wins!

Poverty Is Expensive!

The poor, and the marginal, do not have the choices available to them that those who make good incomes or are rich have. Unlike the wealthier members of society, the poor simply have no alternatives to the “rules” imposed on them by the rich. The United States has one of the highest poverty rates in the developed world. One in Six Americans live below the poverty line. How will you and your family avoid being that One?

Advantages vs Disadvantages

We've all heard the horror stories about young foolish millionaires squandering their inheritances on bad investments and frivolities. Yet, there are also countless stories of those who build more wealth with the resources left behind by their parents and grandparents. Consider these benefits and drawbacks before deciding on your ultimate legacy plan.

The Pros List

  • Master Personal Credit, Credit Disputes, Increase Your Credit Score and Launch Your Own Credit Company
  • Build A New Network of Like Minded Parents
  • Eliminate The Poverty Mentality and Negative Relationships With Money
  • Learn and Grow With Your Kid And Encourage One Another
  • Take Care Of Your Family In Death vs having to use GoFundMe

The Cons List

  • Your child does not have a survival plan when you die
  • You cannot afford to pay for college, you elderly parents, or your ongoing healthcare needs
  • Your entire legacy dies- no home or wealth to pass down.
  • Remain Uneducated and miss the bigger picture (Families with generations of wealth have better access to healthcare, food, housing, and education increasing their chance of success)
  • End up with zero or negative wealth

What Do I  Get In This Program?

  • One in-person meeting monthly (3 total)
  • Weekly Zoom Meetings With Industry Experts and Access to Recordings
  • Access to Resources (templates, forms, tools, etc) to create all your 'must have' documents i.e. will, advance directive, trust, etc
  • Daily private group chat where you share ideas
  • Personal and Business Credit Consultation
  • Access to over 10 eBooks and podcasts regarding investing and wealth

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get a better wealth management experience by the end of the 3-month program, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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P.S.: You can continue to search Google, ask 5011 friends, spend countless hours on Facebook, and/or continue to do nothing OR bite the bullet, spend the $27 bucks per day and get instant access to the knowledge you've been seeking. Time is our most valuable commodity! Use yours wisely!

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